We Create Our Own Reality

The Spiritual Approach to Change

Just think of a few now. There is the spiritual approach, there is the mental approach, and there is the physical approach. Holistic healing includes body, mind, and spirit. You can begin in any one of these areas as long as you eventually include all the areas. Some begin with the mental approach and do workshops or therapy. Some begin in the spiritual area with meditation or prayer.

When you begin to clean your house, it really doesn’t matter which room you start in. Just begin in the area that appeals to you most. The others will happen almost by themselves.

The Importance Of Nutrition

Junk food eaters who begin on the spiritual level often find that they are drawn to nutrition. They meet a friend or find a book or go to a class that brings them to an understanding that what they put into their bodies will have a lot to do with how they feel and look. One level will always lead to another as long as there is the willingness to grow and change.

I give very little nutritional advice because I have discovered that all systems work for some people. I do have a local network of good practitioners in the holistic field, and I refer clients to them when I see the necessity for nutritional knowledge. This is an area where you must find your own way or go to a specialist who can test you.

Many of the books on nutrition have been written by persons who were very ill and worked out a system for their own healing. Then they wrote a book to tell everyone else the methods they used. However, everyone is not alike.

For instance, the macrobiotic and the natural raw food diets are two totally different approaches. The raw food people never cook anything, seldom eat bread or grains, and are very careful not to eat fruits and vegetables at the same meal. And they never use salt. The macrobiotic people cook almost all of their food, have a different system of food combining, and use a lot of salt. Both systems work. Both systems have healed bodies. But neither system is good for everybody’s body.

If it doesn’t grow, don’t eat it

My personal nutritional approach is simple. If it grows, eat it. If it doesn’t grow, don’t eat it.

Be conscious of your eating. It’s like paying attention to our thoughts. We also can learn to pay attention to our bodies and the signals we get when we eat in different ways.

Cleaning the mental house after a lifetime of indulging in negative mental thoughts is a bit like going on a good nutritional program after a lifetime of indulging in junk foods. They both can often create healing challenges. As you begin to change your physical diet, the body begins to throw off the accumulation of toxic residue, and as this happens, you can feel rather rotten for a day or two. So it is when you make a decision to change the mental thought patterns – your circumstances can begin to seem worse for a while.

Recall for a moment the end of a Thanksgiving dinner. The food is eaten, and it’s time to clean the turkey pan. The pan is all burnt and crusty, so you put in hot water and soap and let it soak for a while. Then you begin to scrape the pan. Now you really have a mess; it looks worse than ever. But, if you just keep scrubbing away, soon you will have a pan as good as new.

It’s the same thing with cleaning up a dried-on crusty mental pattern. When we soak it with new ideas, all the gook comes to the surface to look at. Just keep doing the new affirmations, and soon you will have totally cleared an old limitation.

Ecology – Living in Harmony

When people live in harmony with the elements and the Earth, they are on the way to Tao. But once they attempt to go against the elements, they are in a losing position. The elements can be tamed but not destroyed, calmed but not eliminated. They can bring terrible devastation. Therefore, do not fight against them once they are active, otherwise you must be aware of the consequences. And in order to avoid these consequences you have to activate your imagination, intuition, logic, wisdom. You have to think and become responsible for your choices.

Can we endlessly play with Nature and tease the elements without suffering any consequences? I do not think so. For example, the destruction of wild forests and a total disrespect towards the element of Wood leads to an imbalance within Nature and a disturbance of changes. The creative cycle gets blocked and the destructive cycle activated. Using up oil reserves and forests, chaotic and excessive exploitation of raw materials, excessive exploitation of rural areas (without giving the soil the time to rest), application of all kinds of chemical substances in agriculture, absolutely reprehensible treatment of farm animals, pollution of the environment, inappropriate usage of water resources, nuclear experimentation, using chemical and biological weapons – are all of these things the ideas of a conscious and responsible people? I do not think that we are fully aware that the Earth is a living and feeling creature.

We are trying to trick our conscience by saying that this devastation of Nature is a necessary sacrifice for the sake of technological progress. On the other hand, we join all kinds of pro-ecological organizations. But we do so merely to deafen our compunction. What use is it to parade with this very fashionable slogan of “ecology” if we do not respect the Order? Do we actually understand what “ecology” means? In the dictionary, “ecology” is described as a field of science concerned with research on the interdependences between living organisms and the environment. This interdependence is very obvious here – we use our power and intellect to ruthlessly destroy Nature, which in fact is the source of our existence. So, how can we talk here about wisdom and a self-preservation instinct?

Why is it so hard to understand that we should respect the piece of land we live on? Nobody will really understand the need for taking care of the environment, Nature and Earth if they do not respect their own body and the processes within it.
And here we come across the main priority: to raise our children and youth with a new kind of consciousness. Make them understand the true wisdom of life and not only what is written in books.

If we do not teach our children about the relationship between the cycles and changes within our body and the cycles and changes within Nature, if they do not understand that they can decide on the way they look and feel, on their inner peace and harmony, then they will never reach maturity and will not be able to be fully satisfied in life. Their respect and understanding of Nature will not go beyond the frames of the word “ecology”.