7 Best Ways to Get Rid Of Your Allergies Forever

You can NOW free yourself from your allergies!

This maybe sounds like impossible thing – but Yes!!!!!

You can free yourself from the annoying symptoms of your allergies.

We have worked with lots of people over many years helping and advising them on how to

Live life free from sneezing, hay fever, itchy spots…..

Our lives are exposed to excess of ‘healthy food’ products, fast food, sugar in different forms and shapes, all year ‘fresh’ fruits and vegetables from all over the world.

Because of the commercial world we live in, and the speed we have

we just have lost common sense.

We simply stopped thinking of what is good for us or and what is not.

We follow the advertisements, the fashion, and the trends of ‘healthy eating’ and yet we are still not satisfied with our health condition.

Every day or month somebody new is presenting another ‘excellent’ diet of ‘how to loose weight, how to be healthy etc..

In fact, our health is getting worse. We suffer more allergies than ever before, the overweight and obesity ratio is growing, the diabetics’ numbers are higher every year.

So, What are the conclusions??

Where do we make mistakes?

Why our immune system is getting weaker?

Why our children are suffering?

To me, the answer is simple.

  • Use common sense and knowledge presented in ‘Philosophy of Life’ and ‘Philosophy of Health’ while making choices about your food selection.
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Energise your body with balanced meal.

The Nature has been very patient with us. But I believe, its now time to get back to


Simple methods which work & you can apply in your home

  • Start your day with boiled coffee with cinnamon and ginger and honey
  • 15 min after your coffee Have porridge for breakfast ( for gluten sensitive people – use quinoa flakes) ,
  • Never have for your breakfast – raw fruits,  milk (warm or cold), raw salads, juices, any sugary biscuits
  • Lunch – homemade and balanced with 5 flavours soups, goulash with rice, cous cous or sth else of your liking but warm and cooked.
  • Afternoon coffee or tea
  • Homemade dinner.
  1. Do not bring home food product which are not good for you (fizzy drinks, sweets, excess of fruits…..)
  2. Plan your meals at least 1 day ahead
  3. Get yourself organised in the kitchen: cook soup for 2days (if you are working mother),
  4. Get better at your shopping. Plan in advance your list so you do not waste time looking for products.
  5. Plan the pack lunches for the kids. Just a few suggestions:
  • Minced meat (veal, beef, lamb…) with vegetables + pasta
  • Roasted potatoes with nibbles
  • Sandwich with bread or pita bread with cooked and mashed meat and veg
  • Cous –cous with chick peas
  • Rice with vegetables
  1. Cooked your meals on gas cooker.
  2. Always balance the food with 5 flavours: sweet, spicy, salty, sour and bitter

The order you put the spices in very important.

  1. Learn about nature of the food products and flavours of your spices: ie.

Sweet – cumin, olive oil, cinnamon, millet, corn, beef

Spicy – ground coriander, chilly, cloves, ginger, garlic, onion, barley

Salty – salt, cold water, beans, fish

Sour – tomatoes, lemon, basil, all green leaves including parley, chicken

Bitter – turmeric, marjoram, boiled water, lamb

  1. Try to be creative in kitchen
  1. Do not get discouraged – keep trying or ask me a question.

The Role of understanding how your body works

Take back your power.

Eliminate junk food, artificial sweeteners, fizzy drinks and juices, dairy products, chicken… for anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks … and you will start feeling the difference.

Follow the advices given in ‘Philosophy of Health’, and learn how your body works, when it relaxes, when there is a digestion time, when you can allow yourself a treat without having ‘side effects’.

How to maintain life and not have allergies ever again
Philosophy of Health

  • You will understand the true causes of your health problems
  • You will learn about the nature of different food products
  • You will learn how to cook balanced meals
  • You will learn what and how to cook when you want to improve your health
  • You will get over 170 recipes for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Philosophy of Life

  • You will get guidance how to improve and energize your body, spirit and mind
  • You will get tips for pregnant women and babies
  • You will get tips for older people’s diet
  • You will learn how to make healthy choices

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