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Founded by Agnes Khan – CEO of 5 Flavours of Health, Patron of “Supporting Lives Trust”, translator of “Philosophy of Health” and “Philosophy of Life”.

  • Business woman
  • Property investor
  • Public speaker
  • Winner of ‘Business Woman of 2017’ Awards
  • Entrepreneur
  • Mother of 2 boys and wife


  1. To guide people how to prevent from 21st Century diseases – allergies, asthma, obesity, metabolism problems, heart problems.
  2. To Build awareness and importance of the FOOD/Wellness/ Fitness/Mind/Relaxation….
  3. To build awareness about the responsibility and choices we have
  4. To guide and direct people of how to change their habits to improve their lives

Your Benefits

  • You will learn how to prevent from 21st century health problems: allergies, obesity ect…..
  • You will balance your body energetically by applying seasonal and balanced food
  • Your metabolism will improve
  • You will get rid of coldness or tiredness
  • You will learn how to eliminate and prevent symptoms of cold
  • You will change the way you look, your approach and understanding of food and food products.
  • Your food will taste better thanks to 5 Flavours of Health and will be easier absorbed by your body
  • We will show you of how to shop for healthier food and plan your weekly menu
  • Cooking tips from top master chef
  • Your life will be more balanced because of your new eating habits
  • You will gain healthier living and lifestyle
  • You will raise your awareness of how to care about your wellbeing
  • As parents, as mum you will gain knowledge about children’s food: healthy lunch boxes, cold and flu prevention ect..

HOW are we executing our MISSION?

  • Seminars where we learn about the mindset, discipline and much more…
  • Practical workshop where we cook balanced and seasonal food
  • Practical tips from master chef
  • Webinars where we share practical knowledge and experience about the FOOD products and its influence on our health
  • Workshops and seminars with other health professionals Fitness/mind/body/relaxation/….
  • Meetings, seminars, webinars and videos..
  • Special school presentations and workshops for children’s cooking and wellbeing

Membership – a healthier lifestyle… with a difference…

Introductory offer £24.99 per month

  • Once a month on-line video with cooking and recipes/ other experts videos
  • Private Facebook Group access where you can ask Agnes Khan questions
  • Multi-cultural seasonal recipes
  • Spring/Summer/Autumn/ Winter tips to prevent flu/colds etc.
  • Access to likeminded, health oriented people
  • Access to the network of professionals co-operating with 5 Flavours of Health
  • Regular meetings and seminars/webinars on subjects as follow:
  • Changing daily habits,
  • How to get better results in life
  • Discipline
  • Fitness, wellness, mindset & relaxation
  • 50% discount on selected on-line courses

You can cancel any time – no strings attached!