Did you know you are born as a pure mind?

Have you ever wondered why children are so happy? They are pure due to the unique connection they have with Universe / God.

It was also applicable to you when you were born.

You are connected to Universe / God and you have this incredible bond.

Then you meet your parents. They have their views, opinions and beliefs. Gradually, you start getting familiar with social rules, religions and other members of your community.

With time we lose this connection. We also lose our communication with our inner selves. As we grow we adapt to the environment because we want to be loved and accepted. Consequently, we – instead to listen to our internal dialog – we believe our parents, family, religion, TV, FB, boss… Everyone else’s opinion becomes more significant than ours.  You know exactly what I mean.

When have you made a decision without asking anyone else for opinion?

Did you know our subconscious mind holds information from the time before we were conceived and very often memories from that period are our core values system? This topic is very complexed and includes many aspects, for example psycho-genealogy… Please, feel free to look into it, it is very interesting.

The point is if you want to start making effective and meaningful decisions you have to find the connection with Universe. Otherwise you will be fed with fear, hate other negative emotions.

  • Switch off TV if you do not watch it intentionally. Moving forward why do not get rid of TV for good? What values does watching TV really give you?
  • Select your friends very wisely. Are they motivating, loving and caring or just opposite? Remember, you carry their emotions and resonate with them.
  • Have courage to say NO to people who have bad influence on you. Very often, actually more often than you can imagine, people get popular because they do things against what they feel inside. That feeling when something screams inside of you “Stop!” or ask you questions, “Do you really want it?” “Are you sure?!” What do you do when you hear them?
  • Start surrounding yourself with uplifting music. It has been proven that frequencies create different images – depending on type of sounds. Order of molecules changes when you listen different types of music; when you listen to classical music the image is harmonious. On the other hand, full of hate or violence music lowers vibrations massively and the image is distracted due to the fact the molecules are in chaos.
  • Find 10 minutes – preferably in the morning or just before you go sleep – just for yourself. Switch of your mobile phone. Sit in a comfortable place and write down three things that you are grateful for.  Write three things you would like to achieve within next 12 months. The more details you include, the better. Do it on a regular basis so it becomes your habit. The magic is going to start happening then. Watch this space.
  • Eat the food from genuine source. Was it grown in ethical way? Where was it grown? Were the children (or any other forms of slavery) involved? Are you grateful for it?
  • Start feeding your body with nutritious food instead of worthless junk that is almost giving out for free so our bodies deteriorate. Do you eat in rush? Do you eat random stuff? Do you respect your body?
  • Start treating yourself with respect. This is your life and you are the most important person here. Be your own angel, your own guard. Do not let anyone hurt you… If you will not do it, other people might use it against you… Concentrate on who you really want to be. Respect your mind and body: go for walks, eat with your full attention…  treat yourself like if you were your best friend.

Have an amazing day, my Friend.


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We all agree that the health and well being of our children is a priority to us adults. But very often, in the quest for the best possible conditions for our children’s growth and development, we put too much trust in the public health sector and other institutions. And I personally think that there is a large dose of hypocrisy in this attitude.

We also know that in order to stay healthy, our offspring need to be properly and regularly fed. But feeding them with yogurts, fruit and fruit juices is of doubtful benefit to them. Let’s be honest about the food we often give to our children. What do they actually eat? The whole candy industry (sweets, bars, chocolates), dairy industry (yogurts, cheeses, ice cream), soft-drinks industry (cola and other fizzy sugary drinks) and fast-food chains make fortunes on the ‘small’ consumer. Our children are potential clients to all of these businesses. Why? Because we allow them to be. The time our children spend outdoors without our supervision is most likely the time they will try to get hold of the chocolate bars, fruit juices, fast food, yogurt, cakes or fizzy drinks. It is because of our own convenience or lack of sufficient knowledge on healthy dieting or lack of time and enthusiasm that we do not fight all of these bad habits. Eventually, we silently accept our children’s dietary misbehavior.

Unfortunately, aggressive advertising, as well as the stereotypes and fashions circulating among the young, is a negative influence on our children and usually too difficult for them to resist.

Do we adults have something to say in self-defense? I do not think so. It is enough to go into schools and randomly ask how many children bring their own homemade lunch to school, how many of them eat homemade dinner or supper, how their parents organize their daily meals, or how many of them are actually being told by their parents about the dangers of eating fast food, to be able to understand the scale of the problem.

We are responsible for the awareness of our children
How can we say that we care about our children when we consciously let them eat dairy products that come from mass production and are very often contaminated with dangerous substances? For those who are still unaware, the milk used for production of most of the dairy products comes from cows which are fed with fodder including ruminant meat and bone. Isn’t it against common sense and nature? Cows are herbivores and should not eat any animal material. How can it possibly not affect the quality of milk and dairy products?

It is dishonest of adults to make money out of children’s lack of awareness and vulnerability in the first place, to then spend some of this money on wonderful medical equipment and children’s health centers. Who has got the biggest interest in all of this? We should realize that our children’s health problems were probably caused by our own ignorance, negligence, convenience or simply turning a blind eye to the problem.

Thus, we should remember once more:

  • An excess of fruit, fruit juices, fresh salads, sweets, ice cream, yogurts, cheeses and cold drinks leads to allergies and asthma.
  • An excess of milk, cheeses, fruit, fruit juices, sweets and ice cream can cause anemia in children.
  • An excess of milk, cheeses, yogurts, sweets, fruit and fruit juices makes our children more susceptible to colds.

If you really care about your children’s health then firstly confess your mistakes and then start introducing changes to their dietary habits before taking them to the doctor or a hospital.



What if there were natural hay fever remedies that not only worked to treat the symptoms but prevented the condition appearing? Natural hay fever remedies based on 5 Flavours of Health principles may be an effective way to gain control of your health.

Hay fever is a common respiratory condition effectively.  Hay fever is an allergic reaction to allergens in our environment, affecting the nose, eyes, lungs and sinus cavities causing very uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms. Typical hay fever symptoms include:

  • itchy eyes & throat
  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • sinus congestion
  • headaches
  • irritability
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • loss of appetite

From a 5 Flavours of Health perspective hay fever is seen as an inability to produce enough energy from the digestive system for a healthy immune response to wind and allergens.

In 5 Flavours of Health the digestive system is responsible for converting energy from food to produce defensive energy.  When the digestive energy is depleted through poor diet, worry, stress and lack of exercise, it cannot produce enough energy  which is important to defend against outside wind and pollen. Without healthy energy,  wind penetrates the body to produces hay fever systems of sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, running nose etc.

To strengthen that energy, the main idea is to eat foods that will take very little to digest. By eating easily digestible foods your can produce defensive energy with minimal effort. By eating difficult foods to digest the spleen will consume more energy and instead of producing healthy energy, will produce phlegm and dampness, often resulting in fatigue, bloating and reduced immune function.

In 5 Flavours of Health philosophy a diet that avoids cold and raw foods and increases warm nourishing foods is recommended to prevent hay fever.

Some foods are difficult to digest and actually weaken the digestive system. These foods are considered cold and damp in nature. Cold damp foods weaken the spleen energy and instead of creating energy and blood they produce phlegm in the body, predisposing you to hay fever. Simply avoiding the following foods that damage digestion and weaken your defensive energy can be the best hay fever remedies :

  • Alcohol:beer, wine, spirits
  • Dairy:milk, cheeses, butter, ice-cream, milk chocolate, yoghurt
  • Nuts: excessive nuts are damp in nature
  • Raw food: salads, fruit
  • Sweet foods:excessive fruit, dried fruits, lollies, cakes, fruit juice, soft drinks
  • Wheat: bread, pasta, baked goods

Warming foods are natural hay fever remedies. Warm easily digested foods reduces the amount of energy your body is required to digest them which will build your own body’s energy. In 5 Flavours of Health you’ll often find a combination of hot dishes at any meal from soup, starters, rice, vegetables and meat. Aim to eat warm foods at each meal such as:

  • vegetable soups
  • broth
  • porridge

Following the idea of adding warming substances into your body, water can also be taken warm to hot. Drinking warm water or a cup of herbal tea such as liquorice or giner tea after a meal is an excellent digestive aid, therefore helping to produce more defensive energy.

Do you need something your GP isn’t offering? – Health Prevention in SPRING

Last few days have been crazy! I received hundreds of calls related the problems that starting appearing; flu, skin problems, allergies, asthma, ulcers, heart and emotional problems, eczema, migraines, constipation, etc.

As we know spring is just around the corner. Unfortunately, many of us can expect some of unwanted symptoms. Most of our problems will appear very soon, in spring time. Why? How can we prevent it in the future?

You need to trust me here. To understand, you need to accept that there is energy in the Universe. The energy flows to and through us. Whether we are aware of it or not. Whether we want it, or not. Whether we accept it, or do not. Whether we are conscious of it, or not. Energy exists and we know that energy is different during the spring time in comparison to the one in the winter or other seasons.

There is no need for a scientific research confirming that we simply feel differently in springtime. It also applies to every single season. We feel differently in September and in July, April or December.

Once we understand this aspect, we can move on to the next level. Whichever energy flows outside, it is also flows inside of us. If we start applying the same kind of fuel into our body, which is required from the Universe into our body, we should balance it accordingly.

What happens in springtime then?
This season is associated with new life, pregnancy and birth. Trees and grass will be full of juicy, green leaves. Everything will wake up after a cold winter.

Our bodies are going to rejuvenate and we will be able to have brand new energy that “goes upwards” to the sun. We will be able to feel it in the air very, very soon.

In accordance with the ancient philosophy we follow, each season of the year is associated with a different bodily organ. During the particular season the particular organ has its peak. It means that the organ is more active than during any other seasons.

For example, our liver is more active and more expansive in the spring than in the autumn. In the summer, on the other hand, our heart has its peak.

Autumn is identified with the accumulation of energy. As the energy goes down it reaches the lungs, so the lungs are the most functioning organ. The autumn and the spring are crucial for our health, especially when you live in Europe. I am going to explain on another occasion.

Winter season is the time when we cumulate all our energy. Imagine you can see a tree in December. There are no leaves and the tree has to survive cold temperatures.

All the energy is hidden in roots. The energy is not wasted in any way. It is securely collected so it can be released in the spring, when the energy is going “up”.

There is a similarity in our body. Liver is associated with the spring, when it is the most active. This organ is responsible for transporting the energy from the spleen to our upper heater – to our lungs.

There are three heaters in our body; middle heater (stomach and liver), upper heater (lungs and heart) and lower heater (kidney, intestines, and genitals).

The energy from the food we eat and fluids we intake is being produced in our middle heater. The food is digested in the stomach. The liver is responsible for taking the energy and essence from the spleen upwards, to the lungs.

When we look after our liver over the year (the 12 months circle) and it functions, we should not be getting the symptoms, such as headaches, allergies, food intolerance’s.

Everything is connected to correct transportation of the energy from the food we consume to upper body. From the lungs, consequently, it is transported to our lower heater (kidneys, gentiles and intestines).

We usually do not look after our body properly. It is all due to commercials, advertisements, and lack of common sense, our fast lives and tendencies to have a “quick fix solutions”.

A lot of us have lost the common sense and we have forgotten about the seasons.

In order to support our entire well being, we need to remember  – it is not only about eating balanced food. It is also crucial how we relax, how we deal with stress and how conscious is the process of creating powerful thoughts in our mind.

If we are able to manage functionality of our liver through the year (and other organs), then we do not have to worry about the symptoms I described above.

We will forget about migraines, skin problems, food intolerance’s etc.
How do I know all this? My family and I have experienced the changes for almost 9 years. That’s how it works.

Anna, my mentor, wrote two books (“Philosophy of Health” and “Philosophy of Life”). She has helped millions of people around the world. The books were translated to English by myself. I would love you to read them, so you are aware of the topic in depth.

Once we are willing to understand this knowledge and once we decide to take the control of our lives, our lives will go through an amazing process.

You need to know this is easier than you can imagine.
The team and I organize regular workshops where we can teach you how to combine the flavours, in order to balance the meals, in order to nurture every single organ in our body. We have special session of yoga and excises, as well as mindset workshop.

The Benefits of Positive Thinking


The benefits of positive thinking cannot be overemphasized.

It is perhaps one of the most influential forces that you have dominion over, and it gives you the power to take control of a situation. Many prolific events in our history have occurred because people had this mindset. They did not get lost in the circumstance or the situation; they set their goals and put positive thinking into first gear. Madam Curie Sklodowska, Steve Jobs, Brothers Wrights all faced adversity in one form or the other. Yet, because of their ability to think positively, they excelled in their field and were able to influence countless lives.

Although positive thinking is an asset that we all possess, very few utilize it. Whether you have negative experiences in childhood or low self-esteem, it is never too late to implement a new thinking strategy. This new habit may take a while to root itself, but remember, you have been thinking negatively early all your life. Let’s face it; how we think shapes our lives.

The mind is the most powerful entity known. Everything starts in the mind!

Practice makes perfect. Once you become aware of your thinking patterns, it’s easy to implement a new, more effective thought process.

Positive thinking gives emotional and spiritual wealth. It is my belief that schools should teach their pupil its benefits. It would help them mature into admirable adults, thus making the world a better place.

Agnes Khan – My Story


It was a chance meeting with Anna Ciesielska that helped to change my life and the way I live.

It all started when my second child was born.  Almost from his birth he started to suffer from a serious skin condition, which affected his face and most of his body.  His sores were so bad that I had to put him to bed with cotton gloves, so that he would not be able to scratch his face. It was such a difficult period of my life and it took a great deal of courage and patience to continually attend to my child on a daily basis.  By sheer fluke it was during this time that I was recommend to read Anna’s books, and this has changed my life.

Initially we attended Doctor’s surgeries trying prescribed medication, to relieve the suffering of my child.   Sadly, nothing seemed to alleviate his condition. In fact, it was getting worse.  I then began to question his diet and how I might be able to resolve his sores, without drugs.   It was at this stage that I began to avidly read Anna’s book, and eventually I managed to phone her.

This diet is not a quick fix solution, a fast weight loss plan to follow for a few weeks.  NO – this is a way of life.   I myself read Anna’s book many times and slowly I realized how the diet all made sense.  I learned how to combine foods, use certain herbs and spices, change my way of cooking.  I can only say that within few of weeks my child began to recover and my whole family started to have more energy, feeling the benefits of changes I have introduced into our family’s diet.

I found that once I understood how the Five Elements Theory in our climatic zone works, how the foods combined to keep our bodies healthy, it was not difficult to continue this way of life.   I can proudly say that after a few years of following this lifestyle, our family is much healthier, happier and stronger. Both physically and emotionally.   My older son now asks me to make packed lunches to take to School, as he feels healthier when he eats the food I prepare.