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  • 23th March 2018, Reading, UK

  • 31th March 2018, Leeds, UK

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5 Flavours of Health Club is ready to Welcome You!

I would like to invite all of those who strive for a peaceful, healthy and harmonious life, and who, at the same time, experience anxiety on and off caused by their powerlessness against the enormity of suffering and disease.

After years of fast foods, stressful life and tension, it is time to go back to Nature and respect its laws and rules.

During our Seminar in Reading on 23rd March, I will personally share with you my experience and benefits of applying 5 Flavours of Health into your life.

It is, in general, 5 Flavours of Health is a way of preparing and eating food, based on ancient wisdom and philosophy.

We suggest eating seasonal and local food, balanced with 5 Flavours.

We understand that a good diet is the first step to protecting your health and life.

The quality of food you eat has an impact on how you feel, you act, what your emotions are dominant in you, what decisions in life you make.

During the Seminar I will be explain how to treat cooking, and food in general, I will talk about the power of food and its impact, so that you can be healthier and happier for the rest of our life.

I look forward to meeting you there –

And having lovely 5 Flavours of Health coffee and cake with you.

Agnes Khan
Founder of 5 Flavours of Health

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