Did you know you are born as a pure mind?

Have you ever wondered why children are so happy? They are pure due to the unique connection they have with Universe / God.

It was also applicable to you when you were born.

You are connected to Universe / God and you have this incredible bond.

Then you meet your parents. They have their views, opinions and beliefs. Gradually, you start getting familiar with social rules, religions and other members of your community.

With time we lose this connection. We also lose our communication with our inner selves. As we grow we adapt to the environment because we want to be loved and accepted. Consequently, we – instead to listen to our internal dialog – we believe our parents, family, religion, TV, FB, boss… Everyone else’s opinion becomes more significant than ours.  You know exactly what I mean.

When have you made a decision without asking anyone else for opinion?

Did you know our subconscious mind holds information from the time before we were conceived and very often memories from that period are our core values system? This topic is very complexed and includes many aspects, for example psycho-genealogy… Please, feel free to look into it, it is very interesting.

The point is if you want to start making effective and meaningful decisions you have to find the connection with Universe. Otherwise you will be fed with fear, hate other negative emotions.

  • Switch off TV if you do not watch it intentionally. Moving forward why do not get rid of TV for good? What values does watching TV really give you?
  • Select your friends very wisely. Are they motivating, loving and caring or just opposite? Remember, you carry their emotions and resonate with them.
  • Have courage to say NO to people who have bad influence on you. Very often, actually more often than you can imagine, people get popular because they do things against what they feel inside. That feeling when something screams inside of you “Stop!” or ask you questions, “Do you really want it?” “Are you sure?!” What do you do when you hear them?
  • Start surrounding yourself with uplifting music. It has been proven that frequencies create different images – depending on type of sounds. Order of molecules changes when you listen different types of music; when you listen to classical music the image is harmonious. On the other hand, full of hate or violence music lowers vibrations massively and the image is distracted due to the fact the molecules are in chaos.
  • Find 10 minutes – preferably in the morning or just before you go sleep – just for yourself. Switch of your mobile phone. Sit in a comfortable place and write down three things that you are grateful for.  Write three things you would like to achieve within next 12 months. The more details you include, the better. Do it on a regular basis so it becomes your habit. The magic is going to start happening then. Watch this space.
  • Eat the food from genuine source. Was it grown in ethical way? Where was it grown? Were the children (or any other forms of slavery) involved? Are you grateful for it?
  • Start feeding your body with nutritious food instead of worthless junk that is almost giving out for free so our bodies deteriorate. Do you eat in rush? Do you eat random stuff? Do you respect your body?
  • Start treating yourself with respect. This is your life and you are the most important person here. Be your own angel, your own guard. Do not let anyone hurt you… If you will not do it, other people might use it against you… Concentrate on who you really want to be. Respect your mind and body: go for walks, eat with your full attention…  treat yourself like if you were your best friend.

Have an amazing day, my Friend.

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