5 Flavours of Health Workshop


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This is going to be a great WORKSHOP which will change the way you look at FOOD forever.

5 Flavours of Health is a Lifestyle based on Common Sense and Rules of the Universe.

Eating Seasonal and Balanced Food is the KEY to your Health.

My question is why would it take that long, for mothers, for parents, for men and for women, and all of us, why would it take this long to figure out that we should ……be more aware of the food that we eat. ?

During the workshop we will show you in a practical way:

  • how to prepare balanced and seasonal dishes, meal and how to create the menu for a week or so…
  • explain why and how the food affects your health
  • you will learn about the flavours and how to use them so it will support your metabolism and entire body
  • we will have a session with a holistic yoga teacher to learn how to maintain a healthy body
  • Mindset session – Effective Decision Making – with Agnes Khan
  • Physical activities with 5 Flavours Fitness trainer
  • lots of fun cooking together and Q&A session
  • lunch and dinner, coffee, tea and cakes included.

See you on 15th September 2019 at 10.00am.

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