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We all agree that the health and well being of our children is a priority to us adults. But very often, in the quest for the best possible conditions for our children’s growth and development, we put too much trust in the public health sector and other institutions. And I personally think that there is a large dose of hypocrisy in this attitude.

We also know that in order to stay healthy, our offspring need to be properly and regularly fed. But feeding them with yogurts, fruit and fruit juices is of doubtful benefit to them. Let’s be honest about the food we often give to our children. What do they actually eat? The whole candy industry (sweets, bars, chocolates), dairy industry (yogurts, cheeses, ice cream), soft-drinks industry (cola and other fizzy sugary drinks) and fast-food chains make fortunes on the ‘small’ consumer. Our children are potential clients to all of these businesses. Why? Because we allow them to be. The time our children spend outdoors without our supervision is most likely the time they will try to get hold of the chocolate bars, fruit juices, fast food, yogurt, cakes or fizzy drinks. It is because of our own convenience or lack of sufficient knowledge on healthy dieting or lack of time and enthusiasm that we do not fight all of these bad habits. Eventually, we silently accept our children’s dietary misbehavior.

Unfortunately, aggressive advertising, as well as the stereotypes and fashions circulating among the young, is a negative influence on our children and usually too difficult for them to resist.

Do we adults have something to say in self-defense? I do not think so. It is enough to go into schools and randomly ask how many children bring their own homemade lunch to school, how many of them eat homemade dinner or supper, how their parents organize their daily meals, or how many of them are actually being told by their parents about the dangers of eating fast food, to be able to understand the scale of the problem.

We are responsible for the awareness of our children
How can we say that we care about our children when we consciously let them eat dairy products that come from mass production and are very often contaminated with dangerous substances? For those who are still unaware, the milk used for production of most of the dairy products comes from cows which are fed with fodder including ruminant meat and bone. Isn’t it against common sense and nature? Cows are herbivores and should not eat any animal material. How can it possibly not affect the quality of milk and dairy products?

It is dishonest of adults to make money out of children’s lack of awareness and vulnerability in the first place, to then spend some of this money on wonderful medical equipment and children’s health centers. Who has got the biggest interest in all of this? We should realize that our children’s health problems were probably caused by our own ignorance, negligence, convenience or simply turning a blind eye to the problem.

Thus, we should remember once more:

  • An excess of fruit, fruit juices, fresh salads, sweets, ice cream, yogurts, cheeses and cold drinks leads to allergies and asthma.
  • An excess of milk, cheeses, fruit, fruit juices, sweets and ice cream can cause anemia in children.
  • An excess of milk, cheeses, yogurts, sweets, fruit and fruit juices makes our children more susceptible to colds.

If you really care about your children’s health then firstly confess your mistakes and then start introducing changes to their dietary habits before taking them to the doctor or a hospital.