Do you need something your GP isn’t offering? – Health Prevention in SPRING

Last few days have been crazy! I received hundreds of calls related the problems that starting appearing; flu, skin problems, allergies, asthma, ulcers, heart and emotional problems, eczema, migraines, constipation, etc.

As we know spring is just around the corner. Unfortunately, many of us can expect some of unwanted symptoms. Most of our problems will appear very soon, in spring time. Why? How can we prevent it in the future?

You need to trust me here. To understand, you need to accept that there is energy in the Universe. The energy flows to and through us. Whether we are aware of it or not. Whether we want it, or not. Whether we accept it, or do not. Whether we are conscious of it, or not. Energy exists and we know that energy is different during the spring time in comparison to the one in the winter or other seasons.

There is no need for a scientific research confirming that we simply feel differently in springtime. It also applies to every single season. We feel differently in September and in July, April or December.

Once we understand this aspect, we can move on to the next level. Whichever energy flows outside, it is also flows inside of us. If we start applying the same kind of fuel into our body, which is required from the Universe into our body, we should balance it accordingly.

What happens in springtime then?
This season is associated with new life, pregnancy and birth. Trees and grass will be full of juicy, green leaves. Everything will wake up after a cold winter.

Our bodies are going to rejuvenate and we will be able to have brand new energy that “goes upwards” to the sun. We will be able to feel it in the air very, very soon.

In accordance with the ancient philosophy we follow, each season of the year is associated with a different bodily organ. During the particular season the particular organ has its peak. It means that the organ is more active than during any other seasons.

For example, our liver is more active and more expansive in the spring than in the autumn. In the summer, on the other hand, our heart has its peak.

Autumn is identified with the accumulation of energy. As the energy goes down it reaches the lungs, so the lungs are the most functioning organ. The autumn and the spring are crucial for our health, especially when you live in Europe. I am going to explain on another occasion.

Winter season is the time when we cumulate all our energy. Imagine you can see a tree in December. There are no leaves and the tree has to survive cold temperatures.

All the energy is hidden in roots. The energy is not wasted in any way. It is securely collected so it can be released in the spring, when the energy is going “up”.

There is a similarity in our body. Liver is associated with the spring, when it is the most active. This organ is responsible for transporting the energy from the spleen to our upper heater – to our lungs.

There are three heaters in our body; middle heater (stomach and liver), upper heater (lungs and heart) and lower heater (kidney, intestines, and genitals).

The energy from the food we eat and fluids we intake is being produced in our middle heater. The food is digested in the stomach. The liver is responsible for taking the energy and essence from the spleen upwards, to the lungs.

When we look after our liver over the year (the 12 months circle) and it functions, we should not be getting the symptoms, such as headaches, allergies, food intolerance’s.

Everything is connected to correct transportation of the energy from the food we consume to upper body. From the lungs, consequently, it is transported to our lower heater (kidneys, gentiles and intestines).

We usually do not look after our body properly. It is all due to commercials, advertisements, and lack of common sense, our fast lives and tendencies to have a “quick fix solutions”.

A lot of us have lost the common sense and we have forgotten about the seasons.

In order to support our entire well being, we need to remember  – it is not only about eating balanced food. It is also crucial how we relax, how we deal with stress and how conscious is the process of creating powerful thoughts in our mind.

If we are able to manage functionality of our liver through the year (and other organs), then we do not have to worry about the symptoms I described above.

We will forget about migraines, skin problems, food intolerance’s etc.
How do I know all this? My family and I have experienced the changes for almost 9 years. That’s how it works.

Anna, my mentor, wrote two books (“Philosophy of Health” and “Philosophy of Life”). She has helped millions of people around the world. The books were translated to English by myself. I would love you to read them, so you are aware of the topic in depth.

Once we are willing to understand this knowledge and once we decide to take the control of our lives, our lives will go through an amazing process.

You need to know this is easier than you can imagine.
The team and I organize regular workshops where we can teach you how to combine the flavours, in order to balance the meals, in order to nurture every single organ in our body. We have special session of yoga and excises, as well as mindset workshop.