Hay Fever


Just imagine… 
Your favourite book or the best app ever in your hands focuses your attention to the limit.

Overwhelming sound of happy children surround you from everywhere competing with birds’ singing. The trees are swaying gently with the spring breeze. You feel so calm…
Suddenly, you realize why you hate blooming parks so much! Within minutes you are coughing, your runny nose is blocked and looks like a potato. Your body starts itching and watery, red, filled with never ending tears eyes make the horror unbearable.

Your irritation is overwhelming, but there is one more feeling you experience – hopelessness.
Does it sound familiar?
Let me assure you my Friend this is the last season you feel this way.

You can make a decision between applying a standard, usually antihistamine medical treatment that masks the symptoms and do not treat the real cause of the dilemma.

The symptoms of Hay Fever, especially itchiness of the eye intensifies around the time of pollination of grass and trees.

Anna Ciesielska, my mentor, claims this is a pure coincidence, as pollen and sunlight have not appeared in modern times – opposite to the illness I am writing about.

“They have always been here, and it is only our bodies that different now.” She believes Hy Fever is related to the fact our bodies are destroyed and deregulated.

What are the real causes of it then?
·        The excess of sour (chicken, pasta, milk, tropical fruit, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, ice cream)
·        The excess of salty (cold water, pofk, salt, soya)
·        Lack of excercise
·        Cold food and drinks
·        Too much of fresh vegetable and fruit
·        Mental long term fatigue
·        Increased consumption of ice cream
·        Overcooling the body by wearing not enough layers of clothes when the weather is far from warm
·        Swimming outside (lakes, rivers), when the water is far from acceptable
·        Stress

Are you ready for your first step to your health?